Whatever Lola wants, she gets – even if it means going on a long, strange journey to get it. From puppets to prophets to pop music, this raven-haired singer-songwriter’s curious story – which includes performing as a ventriloquist and writing a Britney Spears single – will fascinate you.

Yeah, she was a child ventriloquist and trained auctioneer who briefly believed in a cult leader, writing songs all the while. Read more about that here.

Eventually, Lola grew up and found her way into the pop music world, where she wrote a single for Britney, worked with some of the world’s biggest producers, and finally discovered the sound she really wanted – getting her noticed by publications like Billboard, MTV, i-D, Paper, Galore, Bullett, Perez Hilton, and Popcrush.

That sound was a little bit weird, very theatrical, and kind of spooky, with influences like Tom Waits, Danny Elfman, and Gwen Stefani. Listen to The Magic here.

In 2017, Lola’s vocals were featured on tracks by prominent DJs The Fat Rat and Andrew Rayel, garnering millions of hits; she co-wrote both of those songs. She also has a side project called Butter, in which she explores her pastel pop side. Butter’s cover of Palmistry’s Lifted has 3 million Spotify plays and counting.

New music coming soon.